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Book chapterRoss, Eric (2008)
Family and Gender
In: Culture and customs of Senegal.

Periodical articleTolhurst, Rachel; Amekudzi, Yaa P.; Nyonator, Frank K.; Squire, S. Bertel; Theobald, Sally (2008)
See this publication'He Will Ask Why the Child Gets Sick so Often': The Gendered Dynamics of Intra-Household Bargaining over Healthcare for Children with Fever in the Volta Region of Ghana
Social Science and Medicine. Volume 66 #5. March. p. 1106-1117.

Book chapterAbidogun, Jamaine (2007)
Pushing and Pulling: Western Education's Impact on Women's Subjugation in Ghana
In: Falola, Toyin and Afolabi, Niyi (eds.). The Human Cost of African Migrations. New York: Routledge.

BookAdair, T. (2007)
HIV Status and Age at First Marriage among Women in Cameroon
Calverton, Maryland: Macro International. MEASURE DHS. Working Paper #33. March. 19p.

Book chapterAdekunle, Julius (2007)
Gender Roles, Marriage, and Family
In: Adekunle, Julius. Culture and Customs of Rwanda. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press.

Periodical articleAmankwaa, Adansi A. (2007)
See this publicationThe Effects of Polygyny and Domicility on Offspring Sex Ration in Ghana
Abstract presentAfrican and Asian Studies. Volume 6 #4. November. p. 431-456.

BookAmnesty International (2007)
Uganda: Doubly Traumatised: Lack of Access to Justice for Female Victims of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Northern Uganda
London: Amnesty International. 34p.

Dissertation / thesisAmoateng-Boahen, Gabriel (2007)
The 'Culture of Silence' Contributes to Perpetuating Domestic Violence: A Case Study of Family Life in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana
D.Min. Dissertation: Catholic Theological Union at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. 216p.

Periodical articleAndrews Gale, Lacey (2007)
Bulgur Marriages and 'Big' Women: Navigating Relatedness in Guinean Refugee Camps
Anthropological Quarterly. Volume 80 #2. Spring. p. 355-378.

BookArthur, Maria J.; Mejia, Margarita (2007)
Rebuilding Lives: The Strategies of Women Survivors of Domestic Violence
Maputo: WLSA Mozambique. 177p.

BookAssaad, Ragui; Barsoum, Ghada F. (2007)
Youth Exclusion in Egypt: In Search of 'Second Chances'
Washington, D.C.: Wolfensohn Center for Development at the Brookings Institution. Middle East Youth Initiative Working Paper #2. 43p.

Periodical articleBhana, Deevia; Morrell, Robert; Hearn, Jeff; Moletsane, Relebohile (2007)
See this publicationPower and Identity: An Introduction to Sexualities in Southern Africa
Sexualities. Volume 10 #2. April. p. 131-139.

Periodical articleChimbiri, Agnes M. (2007)
See this publicationThe Condom is an 'Intruder' in Marriage: Evidence from Rural Malawi
Social Science and Medicine. Volume 64 #5. March. p. 1102-1115.

Periodical articleCook, Cynthia T. (2007)
Polygyny: Did the Africans Get it Right?
Journal of Black Studies. Volume 38 #2. November. p. 232-250.

Periodical articleCooper, Diane; Harries, Jane; Myer, Landon; Orner, Phyllis; Bracken, Hillary (2007)
See this publication'Life is Still Going On': Reproductive Intentions among HIV-Positive Women and Men in South Africa
Social Science and Medicine. Volume 65 #2. July. p. 274-283.

Dissertation / thesisCrowell, Jeanette P. (2007)
Microfinance: An Alternative Model for Preventing Domestic Violence in Egypt
B.A. Honors Thesis: Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts. 119p.

Periodical articleDatta, Kavita (2007)
'In the Eyes of a Child, a Father is Everything': Changing Constructions of Fatherhood in Urban Botswana
Feminist Forum. Volume 30 #2. p. 97-113.

Periodical articleDe Walque, Damien (2007)
See this publicationSero-Discordant Couples in Five African Countries: Implications for Prevention Strategies
Population and Development Review. Volume 33 #3. September. p. 501-523.

Periodical articleDeRose, Laurie F. (2007)
See this publicationMarriage Type and Relative Spousal Power in Ghana: Changing Effects of Monogamy during Early Fertility Decline
Journal of Comparative Family Studies. Volume 38 #1. Winter. p. 125-141.

Periodical articleDyer, Silks J. (2007)
The Value of Children in African Countries: Insights from Studies on Infertility
Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Volume 28 #2. June. p. 69-77.

Conference paperEl-Zanaty, F. (2007)
Understanding Fertility Decline in Egypt
Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America (PAA), New York, New York, March 29-31, 2007. New York: PAA. 18p.

Periodical articleElnashar, A.; Abdelhady, R. (2007)
The Impact of Female Genital Cutting on Health of Newly Married Women
International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics. Volume 97 #3. June. p. 238-244.

Periodical articleElnashar, A.M.; Ibrahim, M. El-Dien; Eldesoky, M.M.; Aly, O.M.; Hassan, M. El-Sayd M. (2007)
Sexual Abuse Experienced by Married Egyptian Women
International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics. Volume 99 #3. December. p. 216-220.

BookEndeley, Joyce B.M.; Sikod, Fondo (2007)
The Social Impact of the Chad-Cameroon Oil Pipeline: How Industrial Development Affects Gender Relations, Land Tenure, and Local Culture
Lewiston, New York: Edwin Mellen Press. 217p.

Periodical articleFantahun, Mesganaw; Berhane, Yemane; Wall, Stig; Byass, Peter; Hogberg, Ulf (2007)
See this publicationWomen's Involvement in Household Decision-Making and Strengthening Social Capital-Crucial Factors for Child Survival in Ethiopia
Acta Paediatrica. Volume 96 #4. p. 582-589.

Periodical articleFox, Ashley M.; Jackson, Sharon S.; Hansen, Nathan B.; Gasa, Nolwazi; Crewe, Mary; Sikkema, Kathleen J. (2007)
In Their Own Voices: A Qualitative Study of Women's Risk for Intimate Partner Violence and HIV in South Africa
Violence Against Women. Volume 13 #6. June. p. 583-602.

Periodical articleGibson, M.A.; Mace, R. (2007)
Polygyny, Reproductive Success and Child Health in Rural Ethiopia: Why Marry a Married Man?
Journal of Biosocial Science. Volume 39 #2. March. p. 287-300.

Periodical articleGottschalk, Noah (2007)
See this publicationUganda: Early Marriage as a Form of Sexual Violence
Forced Migration Review. #27. January. p. 3.

Periodical articleGqola, Pumla Dineo (2007)
See this publicationHow the 'Cult of Femininity' and Violent Masculinities Support Endemic Gender Based Violence in Contemporary South Africa
African Identities. Volume 5 #1. April. p. 111-124.

Dissertation / thesisHanrahan, Kelsey B. (2007)
Becoming a Wife: An Ethnoarchaeological Look at Food Processing and Kitchenspace in Northern Ghana
M.A. Thesis: University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina. 219p.

Periodical articleHattori, Megan K.; Dodoo, F. Nii-Amoo (2007)
See this publicationCohabitation, Marriage, and 'Sexual Monogamy' in Nairobi's Slums
Social Science and Medicine. Volume 64 #5. March. p. 1067-1078.

Periodical articleHattori, Megan K.; Larsen, Ulla (2007)
Motherhood Status and Union Formation in Moshi, Tanzania, 2002-2003
Population Studies. Volume 61 #2. July. p. 185-199.

BookHuman Rights Watch (2007)
Hidden in the Mealie Meal: Gender-Based Abuses and Women's HIV Treatment in Zambia
New York: Human Rights Watch. 96p.

BookIroegbu, Patrick E. (2007)
Marrying Wealth: Marrying Poverty: Gender and Bridewealth Power in a Changing African Society: The Igbo of Nigeria
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada: Trafford. 255p.

Periodical articleIzumi, Kaori (2007)
See this publicationGender-Based Violence and Property Grabbing in Africa: A Denial of Women's Liberty and Sexuality
Gender and Development. Volume 15 #1. March. p. 11-23.

Periodical articleJackson, Cecile (2007)
See this publicationResolving Risk? Marriage and Creative Conjugality
Development and Change. Volume 38 #1. January. p. 107-129.

Conference paperKazianga, H.; Klonner, S. (2007)
The Intra-Household Economics of Polygyny: Fertility and Child Mortality in Rural Mali
Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America (PAA), New York, New York, March 29-31, 2007. New York: PAA. 2007. 36p.

Dissertation / thesisKerefu, Rehema (2007)
Customary Law of Intestate Succession in Tanzania: A Challenge for Women's Economic Empowerment
LL.M. Thesis: Columbia University, New York, New York. 78p.

Periodical articleKimani, M. (2007)
See this publicationTaking on Violence against Women in Africa: International Norms, Local Activism Start to Alter Laws, Attitudes
Africa Renewal. Volume 21 #2. p. 4.

Periodical articleLatreille, Martin; Verdon, Michel (2007)
Wives against Mothers: Women's Power and Household Dynamics in Rural Tunisia
Journal of Family History. Volume 32 #1. p. 66-89.

Periodical articleLim, Sung S.; Winter-Nelson, Alex; Arends-Kuenning, Mary (2007)
See this publicationHousehold Bargaining Power and Agricultural Supply Response: Evidence from Ethiopian Coffee Growers
World Development. Volume 35 #7. July. p. 1204-1220.

Periodical articleLima, Carlos V. (2007)
Marriage as Understood in the African Context: Continuity and Changes
Journal of African Cultures and Religion. Volume 2 #1. p. 148-155.

Periodical articleMacMaster, Neil (2007)
See this publicationThe Colonial 'Emancipation' of Algerian Women: The Marriage Law of 1959 and the Failure of Legislation on Women's Rights in the Post-Independence Era
Stichproben - Vienna Journal of African Studies. Volume 7 #12. p. 91-116.

Periodical articleMberu, Blessing U. (2007)
Household Structure and Living Conditions in Nigeria
Journal of Marriage and Family. Volume 69 #2. May. p. 513-527.

Periodical articleMendenhall, E.; Muzizi, L.; Stephenson, R.; Chomba, E.; Ahmed, Y.; Haworth, Alan; Allen, S. (2007)
Property Grabbing and Will Writing in Lusaka, Zambia: An Examination of Wills of HIV-Infected Cohabiting Couples
AIDS Care. Volume 19 #3. March. p. 369-374.

Periodical articleMerten, Sonja; Haller, Tobias (2007)
See this publicationCulture, Changing Livelihoods, and HIV/AIDS Discourse: Reframing the Institutionalization of Fish-for-Sex Exchange in the Zambian Kafue Flats
Culture, Health & Sexuality. Volume 9 #1. p. 69-83.

Periodical articleMichau, Lori (2007)
See this publicationApproaching Old Problems in New Ways: Community Mobilisation as a Primary Prevention Strategy to Combat Violence against Women
Gender and Development. Volume 15 #1. March. p. 95-109.

Periodical articleMoorosi, Pontso (2007)
See this publicationCreating Linkages between Private and Public: Challenges Facing Woman Principals in South Africa
South African Journal of Education. Volume 27 #3. August. p. 507-521.

BookMutongi, Kenda B. (2007)
Worries of the Heart: Widows, Family, and Community in Kenya
Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 256p.

Book chapterNdege, George O. (2007)
Gender Roles, Marriage and Family
In: Ndege, George O. Culture and Customs of Mozambique. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press. 147p.

Periodical articleOjomu, F.; Thacher, T.; Obadofin, M. (2007)
Sexual Problems among Married Nigerian Women
International Journal of Impotence Research. Volume 19 #3. June. p. 310-316.

Book chapterOyebade, Adebayo O. (2007)
Marriage, Family, and Gender Roles
In: Oyebade, Adebayo O. Culture and Customs of Angola. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press.

BookPadare/Endundleni (2007)
Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Practices of Men on Gender Based Violence and its Interface with HIV and AIDS
Harare: Padare/Endundleni. 79p.

Dissertation / thesisPearson, Elizabeth W. (2007)
Gender, Power, and Policymaking: Developing Gender-Based Violence Legislation in Rwanda
M.Phil. Thesis: University of Oxford, Oxford, Great Britain. 112p.

Periodical articlePlatteau, Jean-Philippe; Gaspart, Frederic (2007)
See this publicationThe Perverse Effects of High Brideprices
World Development. Volume 35 #7. July. p. 1221-1236.

Periodical articlePrince, Ruth (2007)
See this publicationSalvation and Tradition: Configurations of Faith in a Time of Death
Journal of Religion in Africa. Volume 37 #1. p. 84-115.

BookSave the Children (Mozambique) (2007)
Denied Our Rights: Children, Women and Inheritance in Mozambique
Maputo: Save the Children. 20p.

Periodical articleSchatz, Enid; Ogunmefun, Catherine (2007)
See this publicationCaring and Contributing: The Role of Older Women in Rural South African Multi-Generational Households in the HIV/AIDS Era
World Development. Volume 35 #8. August. p. 1390-1403.

Periodical articleSchmahmann, Brenda (2007)
Needled Women: Representations of Male Conduct in Mapula Embroideries
Textile: The Journal of Cloth and Culture. Volume 5 #1. Spring. p. 10-33.

BookSender, John; Oya, Carlos (2007)
See this publicationDivorced, Separated and Widowed Female Workers in Rural Mozambique
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. ASC working paper #70. 34p.

Dissertation / thesisShamos, Sara (2007)
'The Blame is Always Shifted Onto the Woman': A Qualitative Analysis of Men's and Women's Experiences with HIV and Stigma in Swaziland
M.P.H. Thesis: Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut. 46p.

Periodical articleSmith, Daniel J. (2007)
Modern Marriage, Men's Extramarital Sex, and HIV Risk in Southeastern Nigeria
American Journal of Public Health. Volume 97 #6. June. p. 997-1005.

Conference paperSonbol, Amira (2007)
Gender Violence and Class in Nineteenth Century Egypt
Paper presented at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA), November 17-20, 2007, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Tucson.

Conference paperStein, Susanne (2007)
So That Her Son Will Not be a Burden Upon Her: Divorce, Migration, and Child Custody in Cairo, 1941-1946
Paper presented at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA), November 17-20, 2007, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Tucson.

Periodical articleTakyi, Baffour K.; Gyimah, Stephen O. (2007)
Matrilineal Family Ties and Marital Dissolution in Ghana
Journal of Family Issues. Volume 28 #5. May. p. 682-705.

Book chapterTalle, Aud (2007)
From 'Complete' to 'Impaired' Body: Female Circumcision in Somalia and London
In: Ingstad, Benedicte and Whyte, Susan R. (eds.). Disability in Local and Global Worlds. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Periodical articleTawfik, Linda; Watkins, Susan C. (2007)
See this publicationSex in Geneva, Sex in Lilongwe, and Sex in Balaka
Social Science and Medicine. Volume 64 #5. March. p. 1090-1101.

Periodical articleToure, Khadidia (2007)
See this publicationTelenovelas Reception by Women in Bouake (Cote d'Ivoire) and Bamako (Mali)
Visual Anthropology. Volume 20 #1. January. p. 41-56.

Periodical articleUlicki, Theresa; Crush, Jonathan (2007)
See this publicationPoverty, Gender and Migrancy: Lesotho's Migrant Farmworkers in South Africa
Development Southern Africa. Volume 24 #1. March. p. 155-172.

Book chapterVerma, Ritu (2007)
At Work and at Play in the Fishbowl: Gender Relations and Social Reproduction among Development Expatriates in Madagascar
In: Coles, Anne and Fechter, Anne-Meike (eds.). Gender and Family Among Transnational Professionals. New York: Routledge.

Periodical articleZicherman, Nona (2007)
See this publicationAddressing Sexual Violence in Post-Conflict Burundi
Forced Migration Review. #27. January. p. 48-49.

Periodical articleAbrahams, Naeema; Jewles, Rachel K.; Laubscher, Ria; Hoffman, M. (2006)
Intimate Partner Violence: Prevalence and Risk Factors for Men in Cape Town, South Africa
Violence and Victims. Volume 21 #2. April. p. 247-264.

Book chapterAdetunji, Jacob A. (2006)
Age Stratification and Marital Relations among the Yoruba
In: Falola, Toyin and Genova, Ann (eds.). The Yoruba in Transition: History, Values, and Modernity. Durham, North Carolina: Carolina Academic Press.

Dissertation / thesisAkinyemiju, Omotomilayo F. (2006)
Marital Status and HIV Risk in Kenya: An Epidemiological Analysis of the 2003 Kenya Demographic Health Survey
M.S. Thesis: Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan. 74p.

Periodical articleAlao, Amos A. (2006)
Lack of Mutual Respect in Relationship: The Endangered Partner
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. #1087. p. 311-319.

Periodical articleAliber, Michael; Walker, Cherryl (2006)
See this publicationThe Impact of HIV/AIDS on Land Rights: Perspectives from Kenya
World Development. Volume 34 #4. April. p. 704-727.

Periodical articleAllen, Roberta; Fonchingong, Charles; Fongjong, Lotsmart; Weinger, Susan (2006)
Gender Relations and Women's Predicament from Cameroonian Folktales
Asian Women. Volume 22 #2. p. 1-16.

Periodical articleAmien, Waheeda (2006)
Overcoming the Conflict between the Right to Freedom of Religion and Women's Rights to Equality: A South African Case Study of Muslim Marriages
Human Rights Quarterly. Volume 28 #3. August. p. 729-754.

Periodical articleAmmar, Nawal H. (2006)
Beyond the Shadows: Domestic Spousal Violence in a 'Democratizing' Egypt
Trauma, Violence and Abuse. Volume 7 #4. October. p. 244-259.

Dissertation / thesisArchampong, Elizabeth (2006)
Reforming Ghana's Matrimonial Property Law to Achieve Greater Gender Equality Upon Marriage Breakdown
Ph.D. dissertation: York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 357p.

Book chapterAsheber, Belen (2006)
Prevalence of Sexual Violence and its Impact among Women in Serbo Town, Ethiopia
In: Falola, Toyin; Heaton, Matthew M. (eds.), Endangered Bodies: Women, Children, and Health in Africa. p. 113-135.

Book chapterBahemuka, Judith M. (2006)
Social Changes and Women's Attitudes Toward Marriage in East Africa
In: Oduyoye, Mercy A. and Kanyoro, Rachel A. (eds.). Will to Arise: Women, Tradition and the Church in Africa. Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

Book chapterBartiaux, Francoise (2006)
Matching Spouses in Monogamous and Polygynous Households of Cameroon
In: Van de Walle, Etienne (ed.). African Households: Censuses and Surveys. Armonk, New York: M.E. Sharpe.

Book chapterBecker, Cynthia J. (2006)
Performing Amazigh Gender Roles: Wedding Ceremonies
In: Becker, Cynthia J. Amazigh Arts in Morocco: Women Shaping Berber Identity. Austin, Texas: University of Texas Press. p. 134-161.

Book chapterBecker, Cynthia J. (2006)
Women as Public Symbols of Identity: The Adornment of the Bride and the Groom
In: Becker, Cynthia J. Amazigh Arts in Morocco: Women Shaping Berber Identity. Austin, Texas: University of Texas Press. p. 95-133.

Dissertation / thesisBeetge, Janine (2006)
Attitudes of Married Men and Women towards Divorce in the Nelson Mandela Metropole
M.A. Thesis: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. 242p.

BookBetron, M.; Doggett, E. (2006)
Linking Gender-Based Violence Research to Practice in East, Central and Southern Africa: A Review of Risk Factors and Promising Interventions
Washington, D.C.: Futures Group, Policy Project. February. 80p.

Book chapterBeya, Bernadette M. (2006)
Human Sexuality, Marriage, and Prostitution
In: Oduyoye, Mercy A. and Kanyoro, Rachel A. (eds.). Will to Arise: Women, Tradition and the Church in Africa. Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

Periodical articleBeyene, Gemechu; Tolera, Assefa (2006)
See this publicationMarriage Practices among the Gidda Oromo, Northern Wollega, Ethiopia
Nordic Journal of African Studies. Volume 15 #3. p. 240-255.

BookBilanda, Lesley (2006)
With What Remains: A Woman's Search for Truth in the Country That Murdered Her Husband
London: Hodder and Stoughton.

Periodical articleBishai, David; Patil, Priya; Pariyo, George; Hill, Ken (2006)
The Babel Effect: Community Linguistic Diversity and Extramarital Sex in Uganda
AIDS and Behavior. Volume 10 #4. July. p. 369-376.

Book chapterBoehm, Christian (2006)
Industrial Labour, Marital Strategy and Changing Livelihood Trajectories among Young Women in Lesotho
In: Navigating Youth, Generating Adulthood: Social Becoming in an African Context. p. 153-182.

BookBongaarts, John (2006)
See this publicationLate Marriage and the HIV Epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa
New York, NY: Population Council. Policy Research Division. Working Paper #216. 27p.

Periodical articleBrown, Lisanne F.; Thurman, T.; Bloem, J.; Kendall, C. (2006)
Sexual Violence in Lesotho
Studies in Family Planning. Volume 37 #4. December. p. 269-280.

Periodical articleChowa, Gina A.N. (2006)
Savings Performance among Rural Households in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Effect of Gender
Social Development Issues. Volume 28 #2. p. 106-116.

Periodical articleClark, Shelley; Bruce, Judith; Dude, Annie (2006)
See this publicationProtecting Young Women from HIV/AIDS: The Case against Child and Adolescent Marriage
International Family Planning Perspectives. Volume 32 #2. June. p. 79-88.

Periodical articleCleland, John; Mohamed, M. Ali; Shah, Iqbal (2006)
See this publicationTrends in Protective Behaviour among Single versus Married Young Women in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Big Picture
Reproductive Health Matters. Volume 14 #28. p. 17-22.

BookCloutier, Luce (2006)
Income Differentials and Gender Inequality: Wives Earning More Than Husbands in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Dar es Salaam: Mkuki na Nyoya Publishers. 300p.

BookCoalition on Violence Against Women-Kenya (2006)
Community Advocacy on Violence against Women: Baseline Survey Reports on Violence against Women in Titi-Taveta, Laikipia and Kajiado Districts
Nairobi: Coalition on Violence Against Women-Kenya. 58p.

Periodical articleCoffey, Patricia S.; Kilbourne-Brook, Maggie; Austin, Glenn; Seamans, Yancy; Cohen, Jessica (2006)
Short-Term Acceptability of the PATH Women's Condon among Couples at Three Sites
Contraception. Volume 73 #6. June. p. 588-593.

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