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Periodical articleSingh, Shakila and Naicker, Preenisha (2019)
See this publicationDevelopment of Resilience in Teenage Mothers within Contextual Realities of Poor Rural South Africa
Journal of Poverty. Volume 23 #7. p. 559-575.

Periodical articleHadley, Craig and Lindstrom, David and Tessema, Fasil and Belachew, Tefara (2008)
See this publicationGender Bias in the Food Insecurity Experience of Ethiopian Adolescents
Social Science and Medicine. Volume 66 #2. January. p. 427-438.

Periodical articleKerr, Rachel B. and Dakishoni, Laifolo and Shumba, Lizzie and Msachi, Rodgers and Chirwa, Marko (2008)
See this publication'We Grandmothers Know Plenty': Breastfeeding, Complementary Feeding and the Multifaceted Role of Grandmothers in Malawi
Social Science and Medicine. Volume 66 #5. March. p. 1095-1105.

Periodical articleTolhurst, Rachel and Amekudzi, Yaa P. and Nyonator, Frank K. and Squire, S. Bertel and Theobald, Sally (2008)
See this publication'He Will Ask Why the Child Gets Sick so Often': The Gendered Dynamics of Intra-Household Bargaining Over Healthcare for Children with Fever in the Volta Region of Ghana
Social Science and Medicine. Volume 66 #5. March. p. 1106-1117.

Periodical articleAhorlu, Collins K. and Koram, Kwadwo A. and Weiss, Mitchell G. (2007)
See this publicationChildren, Pregnant Women and the Culture of Malaria in Two Rural Communities of Ghana
Abstract presentAnthropology & Medicine. Volume 14 #2. p. 167-181.

Dissertation / thesisAkoru, Samson E. (2007)
A Research Study Regarding Nutrition among Rural Pregnant Women, Lactating Mothers and Young Children in the Loyapat Irrigation Scheme of the Reformed Church of East Africa (RCEA)
M.A.T.D.E. Thesis: Wartburg Theological Seminary, Dubuque, Iowa. 71p.

Periodical articleAsakitikpi, A.E. (2007)
See this publicationAn Interrogation of Diarrhoea Concept among Yoruba Women in Ibadan Metropolis, Nigeria
Nordic Journal of African Studies. Volume 16 #1. p. 64-74.

Dissertation / thesisBakaki, Paul M. (2007)
Change in Maternal Weight with Duration of Breastfeeding among HIV-1 Infected Ugandan Women during the Fist Six Months After Delivery
M.S. Thesis: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. 66p.

Periodical articleBalaile, Gunnel and Laisser, R. and Ransjo-Arvidson, A.B. and Hojer, B. (2007)
Poverty and Devastation of Intimate Relations: Tanzanian Women's Experiences of Living with HIV/AIDS
Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care. Volume 18 #5. September-October. p. 6-16.

Periodical articleBland, R.M. and Rollins, N.C. and Coovadia, H.M. and Coutsoudis, A. and Newell, Marie-Louise (2007)
See this publicationInfant Feeding Counselling for HIV-Infected and Unifected Women: Appropriateness of Choice and Practice
Bulletin of the World Health Organization. Volume 85 #4. April. p. 289-296.

BookChant, Sylvia H. (2007)
See this publicationChildren in Female-Headed Households: Interrogating the Concept of an 'Inter-Generational Transmission of Disadvantage' with Particular Reference to the Gambia, Philippines and Costa Rica
London: London School of Economics, Gender Institute. New Working Paper Series #19. February. 110p.

Periodical articleCoovadia, H.M. and Bland, R.M. (2007)
Preserving Breastfeeding Practice through the HIV Pandemic
Tropical Medicine and International Health. Volume 12 #9. September. p. 1116-1133.

Periodical articleDe Silva, Mary J. and Harpham, Trudy (2007)
Maternal Social Capital and Child Nutritional Status in Four Developing Countries
Health and Place. Volume 13 #2. June. p. 341-355.

Periodical articleDeRose, Laurie F. (2007)
See this publicationWomen's Work and Breastfeeding Simultaneously Rise in Ghana
Economic Development and Cultural Change. Volume 55 #3. April. p. 583-612.

Periodical articleFantahun, Mesganaw and Berhane, Yemane and Wall, Stig and Byass, Peter and Hogberg, Ulf (2007)
See this publicationWomen's Involvement in Household Decision-Making and Strengthening Social Capital-Crucial Factors for Child Survival in Ethiopia
Acta Paediatrica. Volume 96 #4. p. 582-589.

Periodical articleFawzi, Wafaie W. and Msamanga, Gernard I. and Kupka, Roland and Spiegelman, Donna and Villamor, Eduardo (2007)
See this publicationMultivitamin Supplementation Improves Hematologic Status in HIV-Infected Women and Their Children in Tanzania
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Volume 85 #5. May. p. 1335-1343.

Periodical articleGibson, M.A. and Mace, R. (2007)
Polygyny, Reproductive Success and Child Health in Rural Ethiopia: Why Marry a Married Man?
Journal of Biosocial Science. Volume 39 #2. March. p. 287-300.

Periodical articleHong, R. and Banta, J.E. and Kamau, J.K. (2007)
Effect of Maternal HIV Infection on Child Survival in Ghana
Journal of Community Health. Volume 32 #1. February. p. 21-36.

Periodical articleJackson, Debra J. and Batiste, Elize and Rendall-Mkosi, Kirstie (2007)
See this publicationEffect of Smoking and Alcohol Use during Pregnancy on the Occurence of Low Birthweight in a Farming Region in South Africa
Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology. Volume 21 #5. September. p. 432-440.

Conference paperKazianga, H. and Klonner, S. (2007)
The Intra-Household Economics of Polygyny: Fertility and Child Mortality in Rural Mali
Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America (PAA), New York, New York, March 29-31, 2007. New York: PAA. 2007. 36p.

Periodical articleKebaabetswe, P.M. (2007)
Barriers to Participation in the Prevention of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission Program in Gaborone, Botswana: A Qualitative Approach
AIDS Care. Volume 19 #3. March. p. 355-360.

Periodical articleLeshabari, S.C. and Blystad, A. and Moland, K.M. (2007)
See this publicationDifficult Choices: Infant Feeding Experiences of HIV-Positive Mothers in Northern Tanzania
Sahara: Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS Research Alliance. Volume 4 #1. May. p. 544-555.

Periodical articleMaganja, R.K. and Maman, S. and Groves, A. and Mbwambo, J.K. (2007)
Skinning the Goat and Pulling the Load: Transactional Sex among Youth in Dar es Salaam
AIDS Care. Volume 19 #8. September. p. 974-981.

Periodical articleMbugua, Njeri (2007)
See this publicationFactors Inhibiting Educated Mothers in Kenya from Giving Meaningful Sex-Education to Their Daughters
Social Science and Medicine. Volume 64 #5. March. p. 1079-1089.

Dissertation / thesisNarayan, Sideeka G. (2007)
Refugee Women and Children's Access to Health Services in the Impfondo Region of the Democratic Republic of Congo
M.P.H. Thesis: Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut. 108p.

Periodical articleOleke, C. and Blystad, A. and Rekdal, O.B. and Moland, K.M. (2007)
See this publicationExperiences of Orphan Care in Amach, Uganda: Assessing Policy Implications
Sahara: Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS Research Alliance. Volume 4 #1. May. p. 532-543.

Periodical articlePapathakis, Peggy C. and Rollins, Nigel C. and Chantry, Caroline J. and Bennish, Michael L. and Brown, Kenneth H. (2007)
Micronutrient Status during Lactation in HIV-Infected and HIV-Uninfected South African Women during the First Six Months After Delivery
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Volume 85 #1. January. p. 182-192.

Periodical articleRobym Jini L. and Eddleman, Nicola W. (2007)
When She is Gone: Child Care Plans of Mozambican Mothers with Terminal Illnesses
Families in Society: Journal of Contemporary Social Services. Volume 88 #2. April-June. p. 292-301.

Periodical articleSarr, M. and Birahim, N. and Loemba, H. (2007)
Formula Feeding and Breastfeeding Related Mortality among Children of HIV-1 Infected Women in Africa: A Meta-Analysis
American Journal of Epidemiology. Volume 165 #11 Supp. S. June. p. 118.

BookSave the Children (Mozambique) (2007)
Denied Our Rights: Children, Women and Inheritance in Mozambique
Maputo: Save the Children. 20p.

Periodical articleScott, Beth E. and Lawson, David W. and Curtis, Val (2007)
Hard to Handle: Understanding Mothers' Handwashing Behaviour in Ghana
Health Policy and Planning. Volume 22 #4. p. 216-224.

Conference paperStein, Susanne (2007)
So That Her Son Will Not be a Burden Upon Her: Divorce, Migration, and Child Custody in Cairo, 1941-1946
Paper presented at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA), November 17-20, 2007, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Tucson.

Periodical articleTavengwa, N.V. and Piwoz, E.G. and Iliff, Peter J. and Moulton, Lawrence H. and Zunguza, C.D. and Nathoo, Kusum J. and Hargrove, John W. (2007)
Adoption of Safer Infant Feeding and Postpartum Sexual Practices and Their Relationship to Maternal HIV Status and Risk of Acquiring HIV in Zimbabwe
Tropical Medicine and International Health. Volume 12 #1. January. p. 97-106.

Periodical articleThior, Ibou and Gabaitiri, L. and Grimes, J. and Shapiro, Roger L. and Lockman, Shahin and Kim, S. and Kebaabetswe, Poloko M. and Garmey, E. and Montano, M. (2007)
Voluntary Counseling and Testing among Post-Partum Women in Botswana
Patient Education and Counseling. Volume 65 #3. March. p. 296-302.

Periodical articleTlebere, Pulani and Jackson, Debra and Loveday, Marian and Matizirofa, Lyness and Mbombo, Nomafrench and Doherty, Tanya and Wigton, Alyssa and Treger, Latasha and Chopra, Mickey (2007)
See this publicationCommunity-Based Situation Analysis of Maternal and Neonatal Care in South Africa to Explore Factors That Impact Utilization of Maternal Health Services
Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health. Volume 52 #4. July-August. p. 342-350.

Periodical articleToure, Khadidia (2007)
See this publicationTelenovelas Reception by Women in Bouake (Cote d'Ivoire) and Bamako (Mali)
Visual Anthropology. Volume 20 #1. January. p. 41-56.

Periodical articlevan Eijk, Anna M. and Ayisi, John G. and Ter Kuile, Feiko O. and Slutsker, Laurence and Shi, Ya Ping and Udhayakumar, Venkatachalam and Otieno, Juliana A. and Kager, Piet A. and Lal, Renu B. (2007)
HIV, Malaria, and Infant Anemia as Risk Factors for Postneonatal Infant Mortality among HIV-Seropositive Women in Kisumu, Kenya
Journal of Infectious Diseases. Volume 196 #1. July. p. 30-37.

Periodical articleWanyu, Benjamin and Diom, Emmanuel and Mitchell, Patricia and Tih, Pius M. and Meyer, Dorothy J. (2007)
Birth Attendants Trained in 'Prevention of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission' Provide Care in Rural Cameroon, Africa
Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health. Volume 52 #4. July-August. p. 334-341.

Periodical articleWojcicki, Janet M. and Kankasa, Chipepo and Mitchell, Charles and Wood, Charles (2007)
Traditional Practices and Exposure to Bodily Fluids in Lusaka, Zambia
Tropical Medicine and International Health. Volume 12 #1. January. p. 150-155.

BookYoung, J. (2007)
From the Ground Up: Education and Livelihoods in Southern Sudan
New York: Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children. January. 21p.

Periodical articleAbiona, Titilayo C. and Onayade, Adedeji A. and Ijadunola, Kayode T. (2006)
Acceptability, Feasibility and Affordability of Infant Feeding Options for HIV-Infected Women: A Qualitative Study in South-West Nigeria
Maternal and Child Health. Volume 2 #3. July. p. 135-144.

Book chapterAchola, Milcah A. (2006)
Public Health Policy in Kenya: The Case of Nairobi's Maternal and Child Health
In: Falola, Toyin and Heaton, Matthew M. (eds.). Endangered Bodies: Women, Children, and Health in Africa. Trenton, New Jersey: Africa World Press.

Dissertation / thesisAddo, Adolphina A. (2006)
Relationship between HIV Infection and the Dietary Intakes of Ghanaian Pregnant and Lactating Women
M.S. Thesis: Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. 160p.

Book chapterAdewole, I.F. and Odutolu, O. and Sagay, A.S. (2006)
Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV
In: Adeyi, Olusoji and Kanki, Phyllis J. and Odutolu, Oluwole and Idoku, John A. (eds.). AIDS in Nigeria: A Nation on the Threshold. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies.

Book chapterAkala, Winston J. (2006)
The Silent Victims of HIV/AIDS in Kenya: The Plight of the Uninfected Children among Nomadic Pastoralists
In: Falola, Toyin and Heaton, Matthew M. (eds.). Endangered Bodies: Women, Children, and Health in Africa. Trenton, New Jersey: Africa World Press.

Periodical articleAlbrecht, S. and Semrau, Katherine and Kasonde, P. and Sinkala, Moses and Kankasa, C. (2006)
Predictors of Nonadherence to Single-Dose Nevirapine Therapy for the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission
Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. Volume 41 #1. January. p. 114-118.

Dissertation / thesisAlfers, Laura C. (2006)
Stirring the Hornet's Nest: Women's Citizenship and Childcare in Post-Apartheid South Africa
M.A. Thesis: Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa. 102p.

Periodical articleAmuyunzu-Nyamongo, Mary and Nyamongo, Isaac K. (2006)
See this publicationHealth Seeking Behaviour of Mothers of Under-Five Year Old Children in the Slum Communities of Nairobi, Kenya
Anthropology & Medicine. Volume 13 #1. p. 25-40.

Periodical articleAudu, R.A. and Musa, A.Z. and Salu, O.B. and Onyewuche, J. and Funso-Adebayo, E.O. and Iroha, E.O. and Ezeaka, V.C. and Adetifa, I.M. and Okoeguale, B. (2006)
Estimation of the Rate of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV in Nigeria
African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences. Volume 35 #2. June. p. 121-124.

Periodical articleBankole, O.O. and Aderinokun, G.A. and Odenloye, O. (2006)
Weaning Practices among Some Nigerian Women: Implications on Oral Health
Tropical Dental Journal. Volume 29 #113. March. p. 15-21.

Periodical articleBehets, Freida M. and Matendo, R. and Vaz, L.M. and Kilese, N. and Nanlele, D. (2006)
Preventing Vertical Transmission of HIV in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo: A Baseline Survey of 18 Antenatal Clinics
Bulletin of the World Health Organization. Volume 84 #12. December. p. 969-975.

Periodical articleCase, Anne and Ardington, Cally (2006)
See this publicationThe Impact of Parental Death on School Outcomes: Longitudinal Evidence from South Africa
Demography. Volume 43 #3. August. p. 401-420.

Periodical articleCassell, J.A. and Leach, M. and Fairhead, J.R. and Small, M. and Mercer, C.H. (2006)
The Social Shaping of Childhood Vaccination Practice in Rural and Urban Gambia
Health Policy and Planning. Volume 21 #5. p. 373-391.

Periodical articleChirongoma, S. (2006)
Women's and Children's Rights in the time of HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe: An Analysis of Gender Inequalities and its Impact on People's Health
Journal of Theology for Southern Africa. #126. p. 48-65.

Dissertation / thesisChivonivoni, Clara (2006)
Antenatal Mothers' Practices for Preventing Mother-to-Child Transmission
M.A. Thesis: University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa. 143p.

BookChuks, J. Mba and Ngwe, Emmanuel (eds.) (2006)
Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health in Africa: Current Developments and Future Direction
Dakar: UEPA/UAPS. 181p.

Periodical articleClark, P.A. (2006)
Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV in Botswana: An Ethical Perspective on Mandatory Testing
Developing World Bioethics. Volume 6 #1. March. p. 1-12.

Periodical articleDenov, Myriam and Maclure, Richard (2006)
Engaging the Voices of Girls in the Aftermath of Sierra Leone's Conflict: Experiences and Perspectives in a Culture of Violence
Anthropologica. Volume 48 #1. p. 73-85.

Periodical articleDoherty, Tanya and Chopra, Mickey and Nkonki, Lungiswa and Jackson, Debra and Persson, Lars-Ake (2006)
See this publicationA Longitudinal Qualitative Study of Infant-Feeding Decision Making and Practices among HIV-Positive Women in South Africa
Journal of Nutrition. Volume 136 #9. September. p. 2421-2426.

Periodical articleDoherty, Tanya and Chopra, Mickey and Nkonki, L. and Jackson, Debra and Greiner, T. (2006)
Effect of the HIV Epidemic on Infant Feeding in South Africa: 'When They See Me Coming with the Tins They Laugh at Me'
Bulletin of the World Health Organization. Volume 84 #2. February. p. 90-96.

Periodical articleEdmond, K.M. and Zandoh, C. and Quigley, M.A. and Amenga-Etego, S. and Owusu-Agyei, S. and Kirkwood, B.R. (2006)
Delayed Breastfeeding Initiation Increases Risk of Neonatal Mortality
Pediatrics. Volume 117 #3. March. p. 380-386.

Periodical articleEide, M. and Myhre, M. and Lindbaek, M. and Sundby, J. and Arimi, P. and Thior, Ibou (2006)
Social Consequences of HIV-Positive Women's Participation in Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission Programmes
Patient Education and Counseling. Volume 60 #2. February. p. 146-151.

BookErulkar, Annabel S. and Bruce, Judith and Dondo, Aleke and Sebstad, Jennefer and Matheka, James and Banu Khan, Arjmand and Gathuku, Ann (2006)
See this publicationTap and Reposition Youth (TRY): Providing Social Support, Savings, and Microcredit Opportunities for Young Women in Areas with High HIV Prevalence
New York: Population Council. 54p.

Periodical articleEshleman, S.H. and Lie, Y. and Hoover, Donald R. and Chen, Shu and Hudelson, S.E. and Fiscus, Susan A. and Petropoulos, C.J. and Kumwenda, Newton I. and Parkin, N. (2006)
Association between the Replication Capacity and Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV-1, in Antiretroviral Drug-Naive Malawian Women
Journal of Infectious Diseases. Volume 193 #11. June 1. p. 1512-1515.

Periodical articleEvans, Ruth (2006)
Negotiating Social Identities: The Influence of Gender, Age and Ethnicity on Young People's 'Street Careers' in Tanzania
Children's Geographies. Volume 4 #1. p. 109-128.

BookFalola, Toyin and Heaton, Matthew M. (eds.) (2006)
Endangered Bodies: Women, Children, and Health in Africa
Trenton, New Jersey: Africa World Press. 291p.

Periodical articleFernander, A.F. and Flisher, A.J. and King, G. and Noubary, F. and Lombard, C. and Price, M. and Chalton, D. (2006)
Gender Differences in Depression and Smoking among Youth in Cape Town, South Africa
Ethnicity and Disease. Volume 16 #1. p. 41-50.

Periodical articleGeelhoed, D.W. and Agadzi, F. and Visser, L. and Ablordepey, E. and Asare, K. and O'Rourke, P. and Van Leeuwen, J.H. and Van Roosmalen, Jos (2006)
Maternal and Fetal Outcome after Severe Anemia in Pregnancy in Rural Ghana
Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica. Volume 85 #1. p. 49-55.

Periodical articleGyimah, Stephen O. and Takyi, Baffour K. and Addai, I. (2006)
See this publicationChallenges to the Reproductive-Health Needs of African Women: On Religion and Maternal Health Utilization in Ghana
Social Science and Medicine. Volume 62 #12. June. p. 2930-2944.

Periodical articleHaddis, Mesfin and Jerene, Degu (2006)
See this publicationAwareness of Antenatal Care Clients on Mother-to-Child Transmission (MTCT) of HIV Infection and its Prevention in Arba Minch
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. Volume 20 #1. p. 55-57.

BookHolst-Roness, Florence T. (2006)
See this publicationViolence Against Girls in Africa
Geneva: International Committee of the Red Cross. May. 43p.

Periodical articleHumphrey, Jean H. and Iliff, Peter J. and Marinda, E.T. and Mutasa, Kuda E. and Moulton, Lawrence H. (2006)
Effects of a Single Large Dose of Vitamin A, Given during the Postpartum Period to HIV-Positive Women and Their Infants, on Child HIV Infection, HIV-Free Survival, and Mortality
Journal of Infectious Diseases. Volume 193 #6. March 15. p. 860-871.

Periodical articleIgumbor, O.J. and Pengpid, S. and Obi, C.L. (2006)
See this publicationEffect of Exposure to Clinic-Based Health Education Interventions on Behavioural Intention to Prevent Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV Infection
Sahara: Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS Research Alliance. Volume 3 #1. May. p. 394-402.

Periodical articleJackson, Dorothy (2006)
See this publicationThe Health Situation of Women and Children in Central African Pygmy Peoples
Indigenous Affairs. #1. p. 38-45.

Periodical articleJarjou, L.M. and Prentice, Ann and Sawo, Y. and Laskey, M.A. and Bennett, J. and Goldberg, G.R. and Cole, T.J. (2006)
Randomized Placebo-Controlled, Calcium Supplementation Study in Pregnant Gambian Women: Effects on Breast-Milk Calcium Concentrations and Infant Birth Weight, Growth, and Bone Mineral Accretion in the First Year of Life
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Volume 83 #3. March. p. 657-666.

Periodical articleKalanda, B.F. and Verhoeff, F.H. and Chimsuku, L. and Harper, G. and Brabin, B.J. (2006)
Adverse Birth Outcomes in a Malarious Area
Epidemiology and Infection. Volume 134 #3. June. p. 659-666.

Periodical articleKalanda, B.F. and Verhoeff, F.H. and Brabin, B.J. (2006)
See this publicationBreast and Complementary Feeding Practices in Relation to Morbidity and Growth in Malawian Infants
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Volume 60 #3. March. p. 401-407.

Periodical articleKamat, V.R. (2006)
See this publication'I Thought it was Only Ordinary Fever!' Cultural Knowledge and the Micropolitics of Therapy Seeking for Childhood Febrile Illness in Tanzania
Social Science and Medicine. Volume 62 #12. June. p. 2945-2959.

Dissertation / thesisKasinja, Faides T. (2006)
Knowledge of Women Attending Antenatal Clinics on Transmission of HIV through Breast-Feeding in Gaborone, Botswana
M.A. Thesis: University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa. 109p.

Periodical articleKouam, L. and Nsangou, I. and Mbanya, D. and Nkam, M. and Kongnyuy, E.J. and Ngassa, P. and Tebeu, P.M. and Elobe, N. and Kamgaing, N.G. (2006)
Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV in Cameroon: Experiences from the University Teaching Hospital in Yaounde (Cameroon)
Zentralblatt fur Gynakologie. Volume 128 #2. April. p. 82-86.

Periodical articleKwiek, Jesse J. and Mwapasa, Victor and Milner, Danny A. and Alker, A.P. and Miller, W.C. and Tadesse, Eyob and Molyneux, Malcolm E. and Rogerson, Stephen J. and Meshnick, Steven R. (2006)
Maternal-Fetal Microtransfusions and HIV-1 Mother-to-Child Transmission in Malawi
PloS Medicine. Volume 3 #1. January. p. 10.

Periodical articleLoscertales, Maria-Paz and Brabin, Bernard J. (2006)
ABO Phenotypes and Malaria Related Outcomes in Mothers and Babies in The Gambia: A Role for Histo-Blood Groups in Placental Malaria?
Malaria Journal. Volume 5 #72. August 17. p. 1-19.

Periodical articleMadebwe, Crescentia and Madebwe, Victor (2006)
See this publicationPost-Marital Return to Natal Home to Have the First Birth: Does This Sociocultural Tradition Disempower Women? Evidence from Gweru, Zimbabwe
Abstract presentEastern Africa Social Science Research Review. Volume 22 #2. June. p. 51-64.

BookMalawi Human Rights Commission (2006)
Cultural Practices and Their Impact on the Enjoyment of Human Rights, Particularly the Rights of Women and Children in Malawi
Lilongwe: Malawi Human Rights Commission. 108p.

BookMalawi Human Rights Commission (2006)
Cultural Practices and Human Rights: A Study into Cultural Practices and Their Impact on the Enjoyment of Human Rights, Particularly the Rights of Women and Children in Malawi
Lilongwe: Malawi Human Rights Commission. May. 100p.

Periodical articleMarinda, Pamela A. (2006)
Child-Mother Nutrition and Health Status in Rural Kenya: The Role of Intra-Household Resource Allocation and Education
International Journal of Consumer Studies. Volume 30 #4. July. p. 327-336.

Periodical articleMathoma, A.M. and Maripe-Perera, D.B. and Khumalo, L.P. and Mbayi, B.L. and Seloilwe, E.S. (2006)
Knowledge and Perceptions of Parents Regarding Child Sexual Abuse in Botswana and Swaziland
Journal of Pediatric Nursing. Volume 21 #1. February. p. 67-72.

Dissertation / thesisMatizirofa, Lyness (2006)
Perceived Quality and Utilisation of Maternal Health Services in Peri-Urban, Commercial Farming, and Rural Areas in South Africa
M.Sc. Thesis: University of the Western Cape, Bellville, South Africa.

Book chapterMcBride, Rob (2006)
Fenced into Cycles of Deprivation: Orphans, Their Female Carers and Education in Malawi
In: Yeakey, Carol C. and Richardson, Jeanita W. and Brooks-Buck, Judith (eds.). 'Suffer the Little Children': National and International Dimensions of Child Poverty and Public Policy. Amsterdam/Boston: Elsevier JAI.

Book chapterMcKay, Susan (2006)
Reconstructing Fragile Lives: Girls' Social Reintegration in Northern Uganda and Sierra Leone
In: Sikainga, Ahmad A. and Alidou, Ousseina (eds.). Postconflict Reconstruction in Africa. Trenton, New Jersey: Africa World Press.

BookMcKay, Susan and Robinson, Malia and Gonsalves, Maria and Worthern, Miranda (2006)
See this publicationGirls Formerly Associated with Fighting Forces and Their Children: Returned and Neglected
London: International Secretariat, Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers. 13p.

Periodical articleMendlinger, Sheryl and Cwikel, Julie (2006)
Health Behaviors Over the Life Cycle among Mothers and Daughters from Ethiopia
Mashim: A Journal of Jewish Women's Studies and Gender Issues. Volume 12 #4. p. 57-94.

Periodical articleMinnie, C.S. and Greeff, M. (2006)
The Choice of Baby Feeding Mode within the Reality of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Health Education Implications
Curationis. Volume 29 #4. November. p. 19-27.

Book chapterMokomane, Zitha and Baker, Kristine R. and Van de Walle, Etienne (2006)
Extramarital Childbearing and the Residence of Children in Botswana
In: Van de Walle, Etienne (ed.). African Households: Censuses and Surveys. Armonk, New York: M.E. Sharpe.

Book chapterMoletsane, Mokqadi and DeLancey, Mark W. (2006)
HIV/AIDS: A Problem for Africa - A Special Problem for African Women
In: Breneman, Anne R. and Mbuh, Rebecca A. (eds.). Women in the New Millennium: The Global Revolution. Lanham, Maryland: Hamilton Books.

Periodical articleMurray, Laura K. and Haworth, Alan and Semrau, Katherine and Singh, Mini and Aldrovandi, Grace M. and Sinkala, Moses and Thea, Donald M. and Bolton, Paul A. (2006)
Violence and Abuse among HIV-Infected Women and Their Children in Zambia: A Qualitative Study
Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. Volume 194 #8. August. p. 610-615.

Periodical articleMwapasa, Victor and Rogerson, Stephen J. and Kwiek, Jesse J. and Wilson, Paul E. and Milner, Danny A. and Molyneux, Malcolm E. and Kamwendo, Deborah D. and Tadesse, Eyob and Chaluluka, Ebbie (2006)
Maternal Syphilis Infection is Associated with Increased Risk of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV in Malawi
AIDS. Volume 20 #14. September 11. p. 1869-1877.

Dissertation / thesisMwinuna, Charles (2006)
Factors Contributing to Low Utilization of Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV Services among Pregnant Women in Kapiri Mposhi District, Zambia
MPH. Thesis: University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa. 50p.

Periodical articleNgoc, Nhu T.N. and Merialdi, M. and Abdel-Aleem, H. and Carroli, G. and Purwar, M. and Zavaleta, N. and Campodonico, L. and Ali, M.M. and Hofmeyr, G.J. (2006)
Causes of Stillbirths and Early Neonatal Deaths: Data from 7993 Pregnancies in Six Developing Countries
Bulletin of the World Health Organization. Volume 84 #9. September. p. 699-705.

Book chapterNoel-Miller, Claire M. (2006)
Intra-Household Relationships - Grandparents and Grandchildren in the Gambia
In: Van de Walle, Etienne (ed.). African Households: Censuses and Surveys. Armonk, New York: M.E. Sharpe.

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