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Title:Perspectives in religious studies
Editor:Adelowo, E. Dada
City of publisher:Ibadan
Publisher:HEBN Publishing Plc
ISBN:9780814450; 9789780814458; 9789780814465; 9789780814472
Geographic terms:Subsaharan Africa
South Sudan
Subjects:religious history
sociology of religion
Church history
religious studies
African religions
Abstract:This edited work consists of three volumes on the subject of religion in Africa, with a focus on Nigeria, and southern Sudan. The first volume includes chapters on theories of religion and world religions. The second volume contains contributions on biblical, mainly Old Testament, studies, church and religious history, and on Christianity and Islam in the African, or Nigerian, context. The third volume holds chapters on religion from a sociological and ethical perspective, African traditional religion and Islam. Contents: Volume I, Section A: Theories. Theories of religion (E. Dada Adelowo); Religious experience: the manifestation of the sacred (M.P. Adogbo). Section B: World religions. African concept of God (T.F. Jemiriye); Divinities in African traditional religions with emphasis on West Africa: a study of selected West African divinities (A. Dzurgba); Symbols and symbolism in African indigenous religion: the Urohobo of Nigeria as a case study (M .P. Adogbo); Yoruba magic and medicine (P.A. Dopamu); Judaism and Hinduism (E. Dada Adelowo); The basic components of Islam (M.A. Abdu-Raheem); Christianity (E. Dada Adelowo); Shinto (B. Saraswathama); Sikhism: a study of a reformed religious movement (A. Dzurgba). Volume II: Old Testament covenants (G.O. Abe); Charisma: a case study of succession narrative in the Old Testament (A.E. Array-Chidomere); Moral theology of the Old Testament prophets (J.A. Ilori); Re-ordering of Amos' visions (D.J.I. Ebo); The theology of 'Ger' in the Old Testament (J.M. Enomate); The lamb christology of the apocalypse (O.K. Peters); The Holy Spirit and God in the theology of Paul (D.T. Ejenebo); St. Paul's conception of the Church as reflected In Galatians (M.F. Akangbe); History rediscovered: the relationship between history and faith (Philip Baker); The early African Church Father-St. Augustine Of Hippo (354-430 A.D.): a case study (E. Ade Odomuyiwa); Contextualisation of Christianity in Africa (D.T. Ejenebo); Contextualisation of Christian sacraments: a case-Study of the Anglican communion in Nigeria (G.O. Abe); African experience of Christianity: a historical review (D.O. Olayiwola); A historical survey of the Church of Christ in the Sudan among the Tiv (A. Dzurgba); Origin and development of the Gospel Faith Mission Churches in the southern part of Ondo State (M.O. Akinwumi); Christianity and Church hierarchies: a case study of the African Churches in Agege, Lagos (E.A. Odeyemi); A history of the Church reformation in the sixteenth century A.D.: merits and demerits (E.A. Odumuyiwa); Islam and Borno (J.B. Ogundana); Islam and the Hausa culture (Ademola Adeleke); Plurality of religions and its effects: a case-study of the situation in Yorubaland of Nigeria (E. Dada Adelowo). Volume III: Church and national development: the evangelist and social change in modern Nigeria (D.O. Olayiwola); Religion and Nigerian political future: The role of the Church (G.O. Abe); The Nigerian Church in entrepreneurship (G.O. Abe); Religion and communication: a socio-anthropological approach (R.A. Akanmidu); The impact of religion on population change in Nigeria (J.A. Ebigbola); The contribution of Christian education to the development of southern Igboland (S.N. Adiele); Personal morality and religious faith (S.A. Adewale); Ethics of African traditional religion (A.A. Zurgba); Ethics of Islam and Christianity (E. Dada Adelowo); The theistic arguments (R.A. Akanmidu); Nigerian traditional religion and Islam in interaction (E. Dada Adelowo); Comparative religion: the contents of Yoruba oral traditions, the Quran, Hadith and the Bible (E. Dada Adelowo); Towards better understanding of Muslims and Christians (Father J.P. Kenny); Islamic revolution in Hausaland (E. Dada Adelowo); Islam in the middle belt of Nigeria (Felix Dare-Alao); The beginnings, expansion and consolidation of Islam in Oyo-Yorubaland in the nineteenth century (E. Dada Adelowo); Islam in Igboland: history and culture-contact (A.R.I. Doi); Islamic mysticism in relation to the African milieu (M.A. Abdu-Raheem); Healing in Yoruba Islam: problems and prospect - an aspect of Islamic modernism (E.O. Oyelade); The influence of Islam on music and dance among the Yoruba (Ademola Adegbite); Hajj (Zakariyah I. Oseni). [ASC Leiden abstract]